Here is what few had to say about our FIRST “UP YOUR VOLTAGE” CLASS:

What a great experience from the beginning to the end Craig went all out to make this event absolutely spectacular.  Craig and His wife Deb , did an superb job with food, accommodation and transportation. Every event traveling to and from locations made sure that all participants had to drive different Hybrid vehicles. I’m not sure those that drove with me were so happy :}. I drove more Hybrids than I’d ever driven before, Prius early and late, Honda Insight stick shift and Highlander.  Now this is nice if they    bring this to Australia I’ll have to have one.  All participants and trainers who were flying in were picked up and delivered to and from the Airports. Craig was absolutely amazing. My flight from Sydney to San Fran was late , I missed my connection to Washington and then to Manchester , but managed to get a flight to Boston. Craig came to fetch me from the airport at midnight in Boston to take me back to his place for the night what was left of   it. Thank you that was the most amazing thing to do.
The trainers were just great , each bring their own unique perspective and expertise to make the whole experience so much more enjoyable and valuable. A special thank you to Dave for making a learning experience so much more by making it spiritual as well.
The class showed a whole lotta class. The look on Jacques face when he was working away getting his hands ‘dirty’ was just great. It was hard to tell who was having more fun this weekend Jacques or David I met and shared a room with an amazing man Rusty Flake .
I also have a whole bunch of new friends like Lee ‘beaver’ Boucher , who shared something really special.
Well done Craig this event was spectacular.