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March 13. 2018

Hi Craig,

I was introduced to your Army Ohm’s Law presentation by the folks at ConsuLab. I thought it was a little crazy at first but WOW it really works. Nothing short of brilliant. Thank you for sharing this idea.

Greg Buerk

Automotive Instructor


Received February 19,2018

“Hello Craig,

I received your ASE L-3 training manual along with the webinar and I must tell you “well done”!  I am an ASE, Lexus master tech with L-1 since 1997 and been with Lexus and Toyota for 18 years now and have had extensive Toyota / Lexus training. The teachers and engineers at LEXUS COLLEGE here on east coast (which are brilliant btw) tell us they write their own lesson plans for their hybrid classes.

That being said I took the L-3 and failed it by 4 questions (first time I have failed an ASE test in 15 yrs.)! After reading that only 27% of tech pass this test on first try and I haven’t had a hybrid class in 5 years, I felt a little better. However passing this test is a must as every dealer in NEW JERSEY as they must now have L-3 and A-9 ASE in order to retain our state inspection repair facility license for 2018 until further notice. In your webinar you mention you can send a link for more info on IGBT’S that may help me further my studies and also a $55.00 class on 3 phase motors in more depth.

I professionally thank you and on a personal level I thank you (Also Deb as she was super kind and sweet to me)!  I will be recommending your programs to my crew of 7 team members I manage at the shop!


JASON … a team leader at a Lexus Dealership in New Jersey”


August 15, 2017

Hello Craig, this is Roberto Higinio. I recently took your 16hour hybrid training class and first ever Tesla class at Petaluma,CA. I had a great time learning. Best training class I have ever taken. Would highly recommend this class and Craig to anyone wanting to learn, received a wealth of information from a guy who just doesn’t talk about hybrids but actually works on them. Craig has a very good way of instructing where he has you on your attention at all times, who cares about breaks in between when your being taught by the Hybrid Guru.

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Don Ashley
Randolph Community College
Asheboro, NC

June, 2017
Subject: Textbook

Good afternoon,

I hope this finds you well. I am a graduate of UYV 41, and I wanted to let you know it was amazing! I successfully passed my L3 soon after attending and grow even more excited about the technology ever since.

We are implementing Alternative Transportation Technology courses beginning this fall and I am currently searching for a textbook for use. I immediately thought ACDC, I still enjoy the text I purchased with my training and was curious if this has been updated. I know you are extremely busy, and I thought you had mentioned something about updating it at one time.

Thank you for your time and assistance, have a great day!


June 2017

Mr. Van Batenburg is also intent on helping others and giving back to the community.  Since 2013 he has returned to Worcester Technical High School not only as a guest speaker/presenter, but also as an invaluable, active member of the Automotive Technology Department’s advisory committee.  Additionally, as we were confronted with a difficult hybrid diagnosis and repair in the auto shop, he quickly and eagerly jumped in offering his expertise, equipment and components as well as providing our students (and instructors) with a wealth of real world, hands-on hybrid training.

Overall, I see Craig Van Batenburg as a bright, articulate, and personable individual, sensitive to the needs of others, and driven by a sense of commitment and dedication.  He has many gifts and talents to offer – both personally and professionally.  The tenor of his character, quality of his intelligence, depth of his technical expertise, and innate ability to inspire and teach makes Craig an outstanding instructor. 


Gerald H. Giguere, Teacher  at Worcester Technical High School


At AG Autogas we had built up the largest automotive propane conversion business in Australia and also the first in the world to gain an ISO9002 accreditation. The propane conversion industry had run its course as ICE technology had advanced to the point where adding propane as a fuel had become too difficult to still integrate with the original systems. We saw hybrid vehicle technology as the next step into the future for automotive workshops and a market where there was apprehension over new technology and so an opportunity to lead the way.

On doing the research to find where and with whom we should start our training we came across ACDC and Craig. We ended up sending our managing director (myself John Vander Reyden) and our training officer Ian Dubbeld to attend the Up Your Voltage Course in April of 2015.

Of the attendees 2 were from Australia (ourselves), 3 from Switzerland, 2 from the Netherlands and one from the Cayman islands.

I think that those statistics speak for themselves and now 2 years later I am recommending ACDC, craig and the courses and seminars he conducts.

The time we spent was possibly the most mentally intense week I have spent for a long time and having arrived jetlagged after nearly 40 hours of travel it amazed me that at 61 years of age I was able to comprehend, absorb and retain the course content.

That is a huge credit to Craig especially as I am not hands on and havent been for more than 20 years.

We are now the go to source and experts on hybrids, especially Toyota, for a lot of workshops on the eastern side of Australia.

Much of the confidence with which we started on hybrid vehicles is thanks to Craig and the team and the course we attended.

I can recommend ACDC and Craig to anyone contemplating the training they offer.

Thanking you, John Vander Reyden.


Craig is a hard taskmaster and it does not do well to correct or contradict him unless you have all your facts in order and are prepared to defend your position. That said, he will often call upon people that he recognizes to clarify a particularly crucial point if he feels that his method is not working. I have never had a question go unanswered! His depth of knowledge is unbelievable and I would rank him as the best instructor in North America in his field. Rather than being restricted to North America, Craig often teaches by invitation at various centres in Europe not only shedding light on the European hybrid / electric car scene but returning with “this is how they do it over there”. Often, in class, he will enlighten us as to the utility structures and commitment to renewable energy as practiced in Europe.

Al Playter, Professor

Automotive and Motorcycle Programs

School of Transportation

Centennial College

Toronto, Ontario


Hi Craig,

I just wanted to share with you how our participation with the Qualified Shop Program has been going. Since signing up, our hybrid work has increased dramatically. People searching online for hybrid repair have found me easily through hybridshoplocator.com. Not only am I getting more work locally in my neck of the woods (Lawrence MA) but people are coming 20-30 miles for my specialized services. All tell me they are looking for a dealer alternative that can handle the unique service and repairs hybrids require.

Just thought I’d let you know.



Matthew J. Lamontagne

ASE Master Tech, L-1, L-3

Leo & Sons Auto Repair

157 So. Broadway St

Lawrence, MA 01843


Craig, Before I took your training I wasn’t at all familiar with Hybrid vehicles. After a week of your training I left with the confidence to go back to school and integrate hybrid vehicles into our program. The training was intense yet with enough down time to let it sink in. I consider you one of the best authorities on hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. What we at QCC got was well worth more than what we paid. I almost forgot to mention your unique way of teaching electricity. The Army Men class is an outstanding way to illustrate the flow of current and voltage drop. Thanks for all you do.

Effort  Equals Results Roger Penske

Donald A. Morin

Coordinator & Associate Professor

Automotive Technology, Quinsigamond Community College

I have met few people that have the passion and drive for training that Craig Van Batenburg has with ACDC! I first met him in my shop in Albuquerque NM with a Welcome to hybrids seminar where 30 plus shop attended to learn about servicing Hybrids. I immediately signed up for his “Up your Voltage” boot camp class and 2 years later attended a second time with a key employee. I intend on doing that again with another employee very soon.

Training is everything and ACDC leaves nothing out of the process! Anyone that is involved in the automotive industry should attend one or more of his classes. If you attend a boot camp it is just that; you will be immersed in the highest quality training camp that is available for Hybrids and electric vehicles. Hands on demonstrations with ample live cars, and an entire vehicle or two worth of parts on tables to touch and learn from. Vocational schools should make this class mandatory for all instructors that even mention Hybrid in their curriculum.

I can not give a higher recommendation to any organization. ACDC is worth every dollar spent to attend! And then some!


James Maddox

Jim’s Automotive Inc

2017 ASE Technician of the year


I was lucky enough to spent time and have a number of discussions between myself and Mr. Craig Van Batenburg. He recounted “That repairing electric vehicles is nothing that should be of concern, as long as you know what you need to know”. Technology in electric vehicles are changing rapidly, so it’s important for technicians to be up-to-date with this new technology. It would be dangerous to assume that, working on one type of hybrid vehicle, that you can use the same procedure for all types of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are diverse, there are pure electric, extended range electric, petrol, diesel and LPG /electric hybrid. Repair procedures will vary from type and model. Craig has stated that knowledge is the most important factor in becoming comfortable with repairing HEVs. He asserts that fear of the unknown completely goes away once people acquire the proper training. Training isn’t just for technicians, estimators and first responders. All types of repairers need to know where items are located in these vehicles such as the inverter, the high-voltage battery, the service-disconnect system, the electric air conditioning system, and locations of all the main HV cables.

I would like to highly recommend and thank Mr. Craig Van Batenburg CEO Automotive Career Development Centre (ACDC) and his partner Deb for their ongoing assistance and professionalism. Craig has become my mentor and taught me considerably about the hybrid industry. Craig knowledge and ‘hands on approach’ has made him and his Company ACDC a leader in training on Hybrid/Electric vehicles worldwide.

Kind Regards

Ron Locandro

Facilitator (Acting Senior Educator)

Automotive & Supply Chain Management

Chisholm Institute

121 Stud Road Dandenong

PO Box 684 Dandenong VIC 3175

Melbourne Australia.


As an automotive instructor who started one of the first college Hybrid, Electric and Alternate Fuel Vehicle programs in the U.S. I highly recommend ACDC training.  I have attended the Up Your Voltage class twice and will attend again in the next year or so.  I have modeled my own program after it.  I have attended a number of other programs but have never found one with the level of instruction and especially the amount of hands-on training the ACDC class offers.  Craig puts on a great program that anyone wanting to expand into the EV Hybrid market should consider.  When you attend Craig’s wife Deb will make sure everything is in order for you to have a great experience.  Craig couldn’t do it without her!

Say Hi to Deb for me!


Wayne Bridges

Automotive Instructor/CMAT

Clover Park Technical College

4500 Steilacoom blvd. Sw.

Lakewood, Wa. 98499


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