5 Days Advanced Training for Educators

5 Days of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Car Training

Advanced Hybrid Training for Educators

Cost: $3,900.00 (includes everything) Spouse Packages available at $250.00.

Most everything included except your transportation to Worcester, Mass. Limited to 8 Students. All of you will be teaching along with Craig. This is a time to learn and relax. Get here early and borrow an ACDC hybrid for FREE and explore New England. This class has shorter hours than UYV.

Stay at the Laqunta Inn near ACDC and have your own hybrid for the week, study and relax. 

Location: 24 Wells Street  Worcester, MA  Fly into Providence RI or Boston, Mass.  Then get here by bus, train or rental car.

40 hours of training

Limited to 8 Students      Up Your Voltage Graduates take $1000 off retail.

After teaching Up Your Voltage since 2006, I kept hearing the same request “I want more”. OK! It is here. Up Your Voltage! Graduates are the best. Now lets get together and advance our skills.

Come see New England and experience the way training should be done

The short version:  eight Hybrid cars and two EVs built by Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda and Toyota are yours for 5 days. Get yourself to Massachusetts and spend 5 days studying, driving, testing, scanning, scoping these hybrid /EVs apart. Cars that will be at class: Gen I , II, III Prius, Camry, Highlander HEV AWD, Ford Escape AWD HEV, Honda Insight (original) and Gen I Civic, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.

A more detailed Agenda


All classes, drinks, meals, snacks, cigars, 5 nights at the hotel, all power point training materials on Jump Drive (bring your laptop) and the ACDC College Text Book in Full Color (written by Craig), use of shop equipment, use of hybrid cars, an ACDC Advanced Master Hybrid Qualification (if you pass the written test and other requirements), and ACDC hospitality.

Optional: You can purchase ahead of time a Magid Glove Safety Kit that includes High Voltage Gloves, Leather protectors, a magnetic storage bag, eye protection and a Duffel Bag. Also ACDC shirts, jackets, patches, banners, logo stickers. meters, hybrid parts for your classroom and more.

If you pre-qualify you will receive an “ACDC Advanced  Master Hybrid Educator” certificate upon completion and testing.

Welcome to the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts

Drive, Fly, Bus, Motorcycle your way to Worcester, Massachusetts and relax. Get a good nights sleep and get ready for training that is first rate, fun, and exciting. We will go where few have gone before!

What happens at this class? As soon as you enroll codes for all our on-line recorded webinars are send so you can start studying right away.

A week before class a live one hour webinar to get to know each other and plan what the class wants to do.  

We will have a Graduation Party at the ACDC Office.

Optional FUN after class:

Relax and enjoy ACDC country on your own. Borrow an ACDC Hybrid after the class and see the country side. New England is a beautiful place (your only addition cost is more nights at another Inn and some food)

Borrowing a car is on a “first come, first serve” basis so call ahead.


What did one of the wife’s have to say about Spouse Tour:

Good morning Deb,

You cannot be thanked too many times for the wonderful way in which you took care of the women – and the men – during the past week. I am envious of your spirit, drive and energy.

Al enjoyed the learning experience and discussions with fellow students provided by Craig and Jamie. This must be obvious since he is on the warpath to bring Craig to Centennial College. I have utmost confidence in his ability to get things finalized very soon.

So I hope that you will accept our offer to stay here with us at Chalk Lake. Al speaks of early December working with Craig’s schedule. I would be happy to host dinners here (Peter Boutrous has indicated this!) and help organize events for you, but I must show up at school during the week.

With much appreciation for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Judy from Toronto, Canada


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