Up Your Voltage! 7 day Class Only held in Massachusetts

Up Your Voltage!  7 Days of Hybrid, Plug-in, EV and Fuel Cell Training

Cost: $5,500.00 with private room. Call Office to enroll or see if there is a seat available at 508-826-4546 or Email Craig@fixhybrid.com.

Most everything included except airfare. Limited to 10 techs. There are more hybrid and EVs than students. Craig and other well qualified hybrid tech / teachers will be there of course helping everyone. A prior ACDC hybrid class is helpful but not required. Craig reserves the right to limit this class to those that have a sufficient level of hybrid automotive knowledge.

Location: ACDC Training Center, 24 Wells Street Worcester, MA (fly into Worcester Airport on Delta or Jet Blue). Fly into Boston and take the MBTA light rail to Worcester.


Some of the ACDC Fleet of HEV- PHEV-EV   Not shown is the ACDC Prius III, Toyota Highlander HEV AWD, Honda Accord I HEV, Civic II HEV and Chevy Bolt.

55 hours of training

Limited to 10 techs includes "Up Your Voltage Graduates" (we call reviewers)

After teaching hybrid technology in classrooms for years, I kept hearing the same request “I want an extensive hands-on class”. OK! It is here. Up Your Voltage! Classes have been held since June 2006. Every one is better than the last as ACDC learns more and adds more value.

The short version:  Many (HEV) hybrid cars; Ford Escape , Honda Civic I and II , Honda Insight I,  Toyota Highlander HEV AWD, Toyota Priuses (Prii) Gen I and II and III, Camry Hybrid, VW Jetta HEV, Chevy Volt, Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Kia Niro EV are yours for 7 days. Get yourself to Massachusetts and spend a week studying, driving, testing, scanning, scoping, servicing, and taking these hybrid /EVs apart.  All I ask is that they run when you leave.

A more detailed Agenda


All classes, drinks, meals, snacks, 7 nights at the hotel, transportation to use while you are here, all power point training materials on a 16 gig jump drive, (bring your laptop) and the ACDC 360 page Hybrid and EV Color manual (written by Craig and sells $250.00) and our L3 Color Prep Guide ($125), all our recorded web based training for HEV, EV and OEM recorded webinars (over 30 hours of web training), use of shop equipment, use of HEV/ PHEV/ EV cars, an ACDC Master Hybrid Qualification (if you pass the written test and pre-qualify), and ACDC hospitality.

Optional: You can purchase ahead of time a Glove Safety Kit that includes High Voltage Gloves, Leather protectors, a magnetic storage bag, eye protection and an ACDC Duffel Bag. Also ACDC shirts, jackets, patches, banners, logo stickers. meters, hybrid parts for your classroom and more. Talk to Oz about this before you come and we will bring what you want to class from our store.

If you pre-qualify you will receive an “ACDC Master Hybrid Technician” certificate upon completion and testing of this 7 day class.

Drive, Fly, Bus, Train or Motorcycle your way to Worcester, Massachusetts (Boston is 40 miles to the East and to our South 45 miles away is Providence, R.I.) or get picked up by the ACDC staff if you fly into Worcester.  Settle down at the Hotel and attend a pre meeting at 8pm the night before.  Try to get to the Hotel about 6pm the day before. Get a good nights sleep and get ready for training that is first rate, fun, and exciting. We will go where few have gone before!

What happens at Up Your Voltage? As soon as you enroll the ACDC staff will send you codes for our HEV, EV and OEM webinar series so you can study ahead of time and our L3 Prep guide and 330 page hybrid book (USA only).  Your class starts as soon as you say YES to your future.

We have added another EXTRA day. When UYV! One started in 2006 it was 4 days long. Starting with UYV! X we increased it to 5 days so that ACDC could help you in electrical theory, use of scopes or meters, understanding of hybrid components such as inverters, DC-DC converters, and more. As of UYV! XXII it is 6 days long. More cars, more information and now EVs. In 2018 (UYV #49) we added one more day and now it is 7 days. The training never ends. ACDC has a dedicated training center in Worcester, Massachusetts for advanced training.

A week before class a live one hour webinar to get to know each other and some basic safety training on line.  

Travel Day:  8pm -9pm Welcome Reception. Re-read the L3 guide on the plane and start thinking High Voltage!

Day one:  8:30  – 5:00 Classroom, Dinner @ 5:30pm. This day we jump right into the Honda HEVs and parts. The theory part of hybrid technology was taught on-line so we will only review that. If you have any gaps in your educational background, ACDC will get you up to speed. High Voltage batteries will be disassembled and reassembled. The FEAR of high voltage will be put to rest. You will be tested for your electrical knowledge the first day.

Evenings. Every night except one we have planned a dinner for everyone and some fun will be added in as well. One night off for exploring and $20 for a meal. Good local old fashioned diners are famous in this area.

2017 Chevy Bolt 60 KWh pack.

Day two: 8:30  – 5:00

Get up early, eat hearty and off we go to the classroom. Class is 8—5:30 with lunch and dinner catered so we can get down to business. Honda and Ford HEVs will be available to drive during and after class. Craig Van Batenburg will lead the class. The class is an advanced class that continues where the day before left off. We will go over anything that is required by any student so that you have a complete understanding of the subject matter. Scan tools will be used this day.

Day three: 8:30 AM—5:00PM

Toyota HEV training amd more components. We will review carefully what we did as teams over the last two days. More battery training and workshop exercises plus more time using scan tools while driving the hybrid fleet. The ACDC shop will allow you access to lifts, tools, equipment, scanners, (this is a well equipped shop) and give you time to carefully remove the HV battery packs, inverters, HV cables, DC-DC converters, and anything else that interests you. We will test them as we go. We will have 3 teams with many group lessons. The hybrid cars will be rotated to another team and so on. Lunches are catered by one of our best local caterers.  This class is a lot like boot camp. It is total immersion.


Day four: 8:30AM—5:00PM

After breakfast we are off to the ACDC site again. Today is Euro Training. ACDC has a VW Jetta HEV in our fleet and hired a local Euro Tech / Shop owner and Up Your Voltage Graduate (UYV), George, to design and teach this day, along with Aiden and his E-Golf. Aden is a smart ACDC staffer and college student.  Euro day was started at UYV 58, March 2020.  Lots of Euro HEV and EVs are coming your way.

Day five: 8:30 AM—5:00PM

After breakfast we will be back at the site for day #5.  Matt, an UYV Graduate, is a tech at his fathers shop and will spend the day with you teaching you what he has learned in the bay fixing and maintaining Toyota HEV and PHEVs. Great Tips taught by the ACDC trainers. More tech tips and getting the Toyota training you need.  This type of personal training in unique and the trainers are there to get you ready to fix EMVs when you get back to work. You will be ready for no-starts and driveabilty problems.

Day six: 8:30 AM—5:00PM

We continue with Jeff, a 13 year veteran with ACDC. Jeff did UYV #3 and has been helping ACDC get smarter ever since. He is the EV man. There are many EVs in the market he will teach you using the Volt, Leaf, Bolt and Kia Niro EV. They all plug-in. This is your future. Consider this the day we look into the immediate future.

Day seven: 8:30AM—5:00PM

We will review carefully what we did as teams over the week. There will be time for each team to present a “teachable moment”. The list of "What I wanted to learn" will be reviewed.  A good wrap up session. More training on what he missed or the class feels they need more of. Fuel cells will also be a subject. A group photo, and at 5pm it is graduation time and back to the airport. Your mind will now be ready for any hybrid or EV problem that comes your way and all in just 7 days. “Up Your Voltage!” will be your mantra.

Optional FUN before or after class:

Relax and enjoy ACDC country on your own. Borrow an ACDC Hybrid before or after the class and see the country side. New England is a beautiful place (your only addition cost is more hotel nights and some food)

ACDC needs the cars back before class. This is on a “first come, first serve” basis so call ahead.

Last update  03/24/20