Sixteen Hour Hybrid and EV Class (Was 8 hours)

…a 16 hour class to keep you up-to-date  (This was an 8 hour class along time ago)

Cost: $500 per person (minimum of 10 Students) Books for sale at class or ahead of time.

Ride along with Craig and learn. The passenger seat is for sale.    

If you want to keep up with the changing world of Hybrids and EV (Electric Vehicles) this class is for you. This is a very popular class and is a great starting point for today’s technicians. 16 hours (All day Saturday, Sunday 1 to 6 and Monday night 6 to 9). This class that covers the basics and more.  Lots of parts to work with are brought into the classroom. Become an ACDC Qualified Tech with this class plus one more, conditions apply. This is one of our most popular classes and can be done on the road.

Craig Van Batenburg owns ACDC, an EV / Hybrid technical training company he founded in 1999, the year he bought his first hybrid car. He has loading up one of the 14 Hybrids or EVs and is heading out to see you in person. Craig’s background is an auto technician since 1969 and shop owner for over 25 of that.  This is NOT a SAFETY Class. This is advanced Hybrid / EV Training on all makes and models.  If you need a head start in order to be at the level of understanding so that you get the most out of this class, you can buy one of both of the ACDC  hybrid / EV books so you can study before class.  Just tell us when you sign up that you want to upgrade.  The office can be reached at 508 826 4546. This class is designed to keep you up to date on the latest design changes, new hybrids and EV’s that have come to market recently, the latest scan tools and most importantly Craig will fill any gaps you may have in your EV / Hybrid knowledge base. Plenty of time for Q & A. Seats are limited so this will be a good learning environment.

One more stop along the way in Northern CaliforniaIn November 2010 Craig left for Florida in the ACDC Gen II 2004 Prius and is traveling to the lower 48 States by hybrid car. In 2011 Craig drove 17,000 miles (at 44mpg) and taught in the southern States from East to West. Now he is on the West Coast heading North.  This is an Update Hybrid and EV class that is held in many ACDC qualified shops and schools. It is a 2 night or one day class that covers more than you could image. This is for techs that already work on hybrids and want an edge to get ready for EVs. Lots of parts to work with are brought into the classroom. Become an ACDC Qualified Tech with this class, conditions apply. When you sign up you will be asked to submit up to three questions you want answered at class. Craig will then design a class for the students that attend. This design creates a training event that makes the time worth while. We will try to cover whatever you need on any hybrid. 44 mpg. 23,000 mies so far. More States to visit.This DC-DC converter is covered in class

Here is what some students had to say after class…

Hi Craig: Here it is a day later and I am still overwhelmed from your presentation. You presented the information in a very simple and straight forward way, that made it very easy to understand. I also realize that there is alot more that I need to learn. I am going to check if the school district has funding for the “Up Your Voltage ” class. I am also interested in the Internet Hybrid Training Don Broda,  A.S.E. CMAT, L1  Auto Technology Instructor  Charlotte Technical Center, Florida Craig, Thanks again for the great class. We have been to many, many trainings offered by a host of aftermarkets, but it is always refreshing to attend those that are created by independant ententies. You obviously are the subject matter expert for hybrid technology, and all three that attended from our facility found it helpful, interesting, and fun. I would like to request a certificate of completion for each of us be sent to the address listed below. Thanks again for the great class; here are the names for the certificate: Gary Willson, Brad Willson, Kristopher Kocurek

What will we cover:

  • A Hybrid at class to learn on
  • Hybrid A/C systems..what oils work, how to fix it without replacing everything!
  • BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Volt, Leaf, Tesla EV is covered in the optional book
  • Li-ion Battery Technology and recharging stations
  • Finding high voltage leaks (hand out)
  • 25 tech tips (hand out)
  • Is there a good source for RMD HV battery packs
  • Scan tool info
  • 3 ways to test an electric motor
  • Plus many older models that are having problems

This is Greg Burke had to say about our class ” I enjoyed your class very much yesterday.

I have had a fair amount of hybrid training previously and it has always been on the theoretical level.

I especially enjoyed the service tips and the hands on experience that you brought to the table.”

Greg Buerk, Automotive Instructor, BCIT

Another sold out class in Oregon

We also offer a money back guarantee. If you feel this is the wrong class for you just let Craig know within the first two hours, hand in your workbook and a full refund will be made.  ACDC wants to help you compete with dealerships. A certificate of completion is mailed to you after class if you send us your info via E mail. Don’t let your best customers leave your shop because you can’t fix and service their new Hybrid. There are over 6,500,000 hybrids and plug-ins in the US .

last update 12/06/19