“Tech Tips for Honda, Ford, GM and Toyota Hybrids”

Craig at work

ACDC has the largest and oldest HEV fleet in the training business. This class is full of tip after tip. Peppered with real life tech support calls that Craig has handled for over 13 years. Come find out why ACDC is known as the industry leader in HEV and EV technician training.

What you will learn:

  1. A stupid but easy problem you can avoid on a VOLT
  2. Best way to recharge a dead Tahoe 2 mode HV battery
  3. The fastest way know if the IMA system is at fault with a Honda
  4. A simple way to re-balance a Honda HV Battery
  5. Prius No-Start.  Top 6 issues.
  6. What can cause 4 brake dash lights to light up on a Camry and the fix
  7. A safer way to work on a Ford Escape .. it takes one more minute
  8. A lot more