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ACDC Bring's a Lot to your School

ACDC Bring’s a Lot to your School

The First part of ACDC’s mission was to train automotive technicians that were already in the field. Then I started educating car owners as to why they should buy one (or two).  The third part is a train-the-trainer concept  that helps training institutions get ready for HEV, PHEV and EVs.

Here is what ACDC has to offer:

1. A 6 day train-the-trainer class called “Up Your Voltage!”

2. A great textbook for your students. Can be Bundled for a complete training package

  1. Live and pre recorded HEV and EV one hour classes

4.  An “Up Your Voltage Graduate Class” 5 Days

5. Cut-away parts and used EMV parts

  1. Tools and Equipment

  2. The ability to conduct classes on site

  3. A fleet of 10 different HEV, PHEV and EV we use for training that you can use as well

  4. Consulting with school administration

  5. An internship program at ACDC for 4 to 6  weeks, 8 x a year

  6. Spanish Version of Our Popular Hybrid Book

Master HEV Trainer


ACDC’s HEV qualification expires yearly.

What ACDC will do for you:

  1. Send 2 Qualification Color Certificates
  2. List your school on ACDC web site.
  3. Provide phone and web support as time allows.
  4. Send a quarterly newsletter via E mail.
  5. Help market your school
  6. Provide you with workbooks. Can be customized for your school.
  7. Provide Cut-away HEV parts and used parts
  8. Access to recorded and live webinars
  9. Hybrid hats ($12.00) Patches ($6.00).
  10. Include your schools name in correspondence with national media.

2 School Programs

  • Half Charge Level: Unlimited use of all Recorded Webinars. $1000.00 (TAR110)
  • Full Charge Level: Unlimited use of all Recorded Webinars and Live Webinars, one hour live webinar for your students each year. $2,000.00 (TAR111)

Short Version

ACDC keeps you updated with books , lists you on our web site, provides training aids and helps you grow your hybrid curriculum.

Last Updated     09/30/16