Tech School Resources

Here is what ACDC has to offer:

1. A 7 day train-the-trainer class called “Up Your Voltage!”

2. Intro Book for beginners or for Safety Training

3. Live and pre recorded HEV and EV one hour classes

4. Three Day and Five Day Classes on Components and Models

5. Cut-away parts and used EMV parts

6. Tools and Equipment

7. The ability to conduct classes on site

8. A fleet of 14 different HEV, PHEV and EV that we can drive or ship to your school

9. Beta Testing Program for Advanced HEV-EV-FCEV

10. An internship program at ACDC for 6 to 8 weeks

11. Spanish Version of Our Popular Hybrid Book

2 School Programs

    • Half Charge Level: Unlimited use of all Recorded Webinars. $1500.00 (TAR110)
  • Full Charge Level: Unlimited use of all Recorded Webinars and Live Webinars, one hour live webinar for your students each year. $2,500.00 (TAR111)

Short Version

ACDC keeps you updated with books, lists you on our web site, provides training aids and helps you grow your hybrid /EV curriculum.

Last Updated     8/6/19