Sailing to Success … the watery world of high voltage

Don’t miss the boat!

Just when you thought that learning was a hassle, ACDC opens up a new class on the high seas. This training event will feature fun and friendship. Cost and dates are coming as we have fun and learn as well. From Florida to California we will sail into the watery world of high voltage.

Cost: TBA  Your hotel room for two nights includes free parking while the ship is at sea and a free shuttle to the boat and back to the hotel .

Where: Long Beach, CA is the site of the dock for a Carnival Cruise Ship. This Carnival Cruise Education Vacation will far exceed your expectations with 8 meals a day, Las Vegas style shows, 24 hour room service and constant pampering!  4 hours of hybrid / EV training is held when we are at sea.  4 Hours more when we return.  Cost of the Cruise is as low as $400 pp based on two per room.

When: 2017     Where do we sail: Mexico and the Caribbean


last edit 12/23/16