Ride and Learn

Ride along with Craig on his USA Hybrid Tour across America

Craig will take you along for a ride. This is a once in a lifetime chance to experience ACDC classes, learn from Craig, watch scan tool data as we drive a Hybrid across America.

How does it work? You enroll in any class along the way.  Craig will pick you up on route and you can spend some time with Craig (as long a you can stand it 🙂  You will then be dropped off at a train, bus, airport or jail.  Take the class he is teaching, ask all the questions you have, eat, drink, and have a load of fun.

What does it cost? $150.00 per day. This includes your transportation (The Hybrid), hotel (if you are a male and do not mind sharing a room). You are on your own for meals. Pack light as the Hybrid is quite full.

Ride along and Learn


Last edit 10/16/17