Hybrid 101 Live 9 parts

...an all new series for anyone who needs to understand hybrid cars. This Video mentions 9 classes. The 9th was EVs. This series is now 9 and EVs have their own class.

ACDC's Insight on Cover in 2000

ACDC's Insight on Cover in 2000

Next Live Class Series is scheduled for Early 2020.

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Live at 10 am and 8pm EDST.  5 pm West Coast USA

Cost: $700 for 9 hours of training, individual classes are $100.  Save $200.

Live interactive online training, developed for shop owners and technicians who are interested in working on hybrids but are not able to lose an employee for a day or more or take time off work. The class is organized so that an individual who started off with some automotive knowledge but no Hybrid experience could start from class one and, by the 8th class, be comfortable and confident working with all makes and models of hybrids. Sessions are scheduled so that students over the globe can attend on line.

  • Now you can get all the benefits of Craig Van Batenburg’s popular Hybrid training from the comfort of your own shop.
  • No travel or extensive time off required!  1 hour classes,  be done in one month, then get back to work!
  • Miss a class? watch the recording online later (for 4 months) and Craig is available to ask questions anytime!
  • Sign in from any computer with a fast Internet connection.
  • Be ready for Hybrids with the knowledge of safe practices that will make you money!

At the end of the class, receive signed certificates of completion to help promote your new skills.
Each day, plan to sign in 10 minutes early and Craig will stay on the line after the class as long as he can for any additional questions you may have.

Class #1 "Safety and Tools. What Makes a Hybrid different from a conventional car?  An Overview"  The first day of class you will learn about safety, tools and get a good high level look at hybrids.

2. Class #2 "Service and Maintenance Issues"  The second class will make it clear what general service issues are out there so you are not unprepared for the normal run-of-the-mill service, oil changes, etc. You will be given some homework to read over off our web site.  ADDED   class here on ICE.

3. Class #3  "Transmission Designs" . Learn about all the various types of transmissions, some with HV motors inside.

4. Class #4  "Regenerative Braking". Step on the brakes of a Prius and the HV battery charges up. OK, how?

5. Class #5  "Motor / Generator Controls, the Inverter".  Making 300 volts and  300 amps of 3 phase AC electricity instantly from DC is a neat trick. How is it done.

6. Class #6  "Electric Power Steering, DC-DC Converter operations". No alternator or hydraulic fluid for a P S system. Here is how it works.

7. Class #7  "High Voltage Air Conditioning systems, Heating, Other cooling systems"  Lots to learn here about special oils, A/C machines, bleeding cooling systems and more.

8. Class #8  "Battery Systems.. NiMH and Li-ion"  This is a moving target.  ACDC stays up-to-date with the ever changing world of NiMH and Lithium batteries. Learn about charging and balancing issues.

  • To register or for more information please contact us.
  • Plenty of opportunity to ask questions both in and out of class
  • Participants will have the privilege of reviewing the recorded class on our website once uploaded for 4 months.
  • At the beginning of each class, each participant will a PDF of the class (you can print it as your notebook)
  • At the conclusion of the classes, each participant will receive certificates of completion in your Email box to print.

Find out more about how this class and more can get you involved with our Hybrid Shop Program.

  • You can buy the codes, get a printable workbook for the last class (Nov 2017) for $450.00 or $55 each. Click here for more information or to purchase 

Location: Online

Last update was 11/10/19