HV Electric Motor / Inverter 3 Day Class

Electric motors come in many varieties, each with a different approach to creating mechanical force (torque) from the simple interaction of two magnetic fields. The Tesla Roadster uses a three-phase Alternating Current (AC) Induction motor. The AC Induction motor was first patented by Nikola Tesla in 1888. AC Induction motors are widely used in industry for their reliability, simplicity, and efficiency.

Honda Electric Stator minus the Rotor

Honda Electric Stator minus the Rotor

The Permanent Magnet Motor is much more common. The magnetic field is similar in both. Come learn about the types, the diagnostic and who uses what. In 3 days you will know more than most and whether you are a tech or an engineer, this topic is good to know.

Prerequisites:  This is an advanced Class. Some theory is taught but of you are weak take the HEV101 Class first (on-line) so you can stay up with us or buy our book set.

Where is it held: 24 Wells Street, Worcester, MA 01606

How do I get there: You will need get yourself to Worcester. We will assist you with the logistics (bus, train, rental car. Fly into Boston (Logan Airport) or Providence, RI (TF Green Airport).  If you fly into Providence we will pick you up and get you to Worcester  (one hour away – 55 mikes) if you call us before you make your flight arrangements.

Who Should Attend: Those that work on any Hybrid or EV.

Hotel:  LaQuinta in Auburn, MA,.

What about meals: Lunch is served for everyone (included). Those that choose the all-inclusive plan will have meals included.  (breakfast at Hotel, lunch and dinners)

Cost: $2,900 for class, meals, hotel, hybrid / EV car to use and class materials on a jump drive.

How do I sign up:  Call 508 826 4546 and ask for Deb. We take most Credit Cards


Last Edit 11/15/17