“Electric Drive” …. 5 Day Hybrid and EV Training

…Shorter hours than “Up Your Voltage” but still has a hands-on training element

qualCost:  $2,400 (just the class) or $3,300 that includes meals, a hybrid or EV to drive, workbook and 5 night at a hotel. Includes our 2013 edition 330 page “Hybrid and EV Technology Guide” in B/W or our Color 90 Page L3 Prep Guide

You can also add High Voltage Safety Gloves, Hybrid and EV 101 Webinars, OEM Webinars, more Books, Meters, Insulated Tools, Insulation testers and more. Call Deb at 508 400 4656 for details and pricing.

Craig Van Batenburg explains to a student hybrid technology

This newly created class is based on today’s technicians, teachers and others that need relevant training.

All of the ACDC fleet of cars will be here. That is 10 and counting. Most popular HEVs are Gen I, II, III Prius, Toyota Highlander, Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic and Insight, Ford Escape, Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. ACDC has lots of parts to work with, scan tools, and scopes. Limited to 8 people. Become an ACDC Qualified Tech on the spot. 

This newly created class is based on today’s technicians and what they are missing in their training. Hybrids and EVs share a lot of the same components.

Sunday is getting to your Hotel and getting ready for class in the morning. One of the ACDC staff with pick you up at the airport in RI and get you to Worcester. .

Monday  8:30 5pm Meet at the ACDC traning center for hands on work. We will cover “What Makes a Hybrid different from a conventional car?  An Overview.  Safety, Service, Equipment needed and Maintenance Issues”

Tuesday 8:30 to 5    “HV Battery Systems.. NiMH and Li-ion.  Electric Power Steering, DC-DC Converter operations”.

Wednesday 8:30 to 5 “3 Phase Motors. Motor / Generator Controls, the Inverter. Regenerative Braking”

Thursday 8:30 to 5  “High Voltage Air Conditioning systems, Heating, Other cooling systems. Nissan LEAF and Chevy VOLT”.

Friday  8:30 to 3  More training and then leave early to catch a flight home.

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

Limited to 8 people.  We keep it small enough to have time for everyone. 


Instructor is Craig Van Batenburg, CMAT. L1 and L3

We accept AMX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and a check 30 days ahead of time.


Location:   24 Wells Street, Worcester, Massachusetts  USA

Note: Can be taken on the road. You supply the cars and shop.  Quote will vary based on your location and what you can provide for cars and equipment.


Updated 03/30/17