EV – PHEV 101 a 6 part series $500 live or $360 recorded $60 each recorded

Mitsubishi iMiEV

Mitsubishi iMiEV (pronounced eye-meeve) proto type

This internet live interactive class is designed to get a hybrid technician up top speed on electric cars.  If you a have never taken a hybrid class you are welcome but many parts like the inverter are similar and  the training for that is covered in hybrid 101,  an 8 part class.


EV / PHEV 6 Nights … $100 per class or $500.00 for all 6..  One hour long 8pm EST

TAR071  Class #1 “The basics about Electric Cars”
TAR072 Class #2: “Charging off the Grid. Telematics and Phone Apps”
TAR073 Class #3: “Battery Packs”
TAR074 Class #4: “The Electric Cars. The OEMs”
TAR075 Class #5: “The American PHEV/EV/EV-ER”
TAR076 Class #6: “EV/PHEV for sale in North America”
Learn more about the Leaf, Volt, i-MiEV, Tesla, Focus, i3, and more. The last class will answer any questions you have about EVs and PHEVs.

Craig’s Driveway at home in Massachusetts.

Level 2 Charger