EV 101 a 4 part series …New for 2014

Mitsubishi iMiEV

Mitsubishi iMiEV (pronounced eye-meeve) proto type

This internet live interactive class is designed to get a hybrid technician up top speed on electric cars.  If you a have never taken a hybrid class you are welcome but many parts like the inverter are similar and  the training for that is covered in hybrid 101,  an 8 part class.


EV 4 Night Special … $85 per class or $325.00 for all..  One hour long 8pm EST

Class #1..Basic EV –HVAC . Class #2. Charging off the Grid Class #3.. EV battery packs ..Class #4.. VOLT – LEAF – more

EV Class #1.. the basics about Electric Cars

You may not work on EV’s yet but knowing about them will help your service people handle questions your customers will have. Class one will get you started in your education of Electric Cars.If you have taken Hybrid 101 it will be a big help in understanding EVs and PHEVs.

EV Class #2 Charging off the Grid … Telematics and Phone Apps

EV and PHEVs use grid electricity to power their way down the highway. This is the biggest change in personal mobility in 100 years. Want to know more. How many watts does to take to drive a mile?

EV Class #3 Battery packs.

Class #3 in our 4 part series will get you up to speed on pack construction, repair, replace and more. This is a subject that is changing fast. Stay informed. How do you get 200 miles of energy in one charge?

EV Class #4 The Electric Cars .. The OEMs

Learn more about the Leaf, Volt, i-MiEV, Tesla, Focus, i3, and more. The last class will answer any questions you have about EVs and PHEVs.

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