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Advance Your Basic Training.

This program is not offered anywhere else.

Starting in 2014 ACDC partnered with an American-Dutch Company, Electude, to offer working technicians a chance to fill in any gaps in their automotive technical skills. Electude is a world wide leader in automotive e-learning with customers in over 40 countries.  Until 2010 this level of training was only available at the best colleges in Europe and Asia, until  Electude came to the United States. While Craig Van Batenburg was teaching a hybrid class in 2007 in the Netherlands, he was shown the Electude program by a Dutch automotive instructor, but being a second generation Dutch-American and not a Dutch speaker, Craig could not fully grasp its potential. Now Electude online training lessons have been translated into English and 20 other languages. So instead of sweeping the floor or washing the tow truck on a slow day, you can study at your own pace, in English. Over 600 modules are available in basic automotive, plus a Hybrid  / EV training program co developed by ACDC and Electude. The learning does not require reading books. It is very interactive and real world, a hall mark of what ACDC is about. It starts out basic but gets as deep as you want, when you are ready for more come to ACDC for hands-on. This truly is what shops need today. ACDC feels strongly you will agree.


• Study at your own pace

• Each module will help you remember what you learned in school

• If you were a poor student (or never went to automotive school) this is for you

• No books to read.. nothing to memorize

• This was designed by some forward thinking technicians

• All training is customized for each tech

• An Email gets you started.. use a computer or any large screen Web enabled device

• Phone / computer support included.

• Test as you go and advance when you understand and know the subject


  1. Initial enrollment fee of $250 per shop. Extra locations are $50 each.
  2. Never pay the Initial fee again unless you drop out and sign back up.
  3. 10% discount for ACDC Qualified Shop Program (QSP) members
  4. Each tech is $250 per quarter, $450 for 6 months or $750 per year
  5. Discounts for more than one one tech per shop. -10% for second or more techs.
  6. No contracts to sign, 3 month minimum enrollment period.


  1. Not transferable to another tech
  2. Cannot change Email address during the duration of their training (sold in 3, 6 and 12 month lengths)
  3. Payable by credit card or US Check
  4. Telephone support is available.
  5. Craig Van Batenburg will assist to help with any issues
  6. The shop owner will get a summary report with the tech(s) progress assuming the shop signed up the tech and paid the bill
  7. Techs can sign themselves up. No shop affiliation is needed.
  8. ASE certification is helpful but not required.
  9. Classes are taken in English.
  10. Jag, an ACDC employee, will get you started.
  • Last edit 4/26/19


Direct and alternating current
Direct and alternating current

Fault finding
Fault finding

Oscilloscope exercises


 What do others say:

“Electude is an excellent choice for technicians who want to complement their hands-on training courses with an online customized, in-depth training program that is available 24/7.” Carlos Menchu (AESwave)