Class Schedule 2019

Lithium / NiMH Battery Class hands-on. 6 seats left.

Craig Van Batenburg, CEO of ACDC, has had many questions about Li-ion / NiMH batteries. Who is rebuilding, what is the battery construction and how do I get to the bottom of what is going on? In the process you will learn how to do this yourself, if you so desire. Because of limited space sign up soon. 10 seats only. Hands on. We will rebuild and test batteries in class. $3,000 includes everything except you getting to ACDC.
When: Tue March 26 8:30 AM - Thu March 28 5:00 PM

Up Your Voltage! Class #54 ... 7 Days ... SOLD OUT

Price $5,000 7 days of advanced EV / hybrid hands-on training. Fly into Boston or Worcester, Mass. Class starts at 8:00 the night before. ACDC classroom holds 8 people, everyday in a shop disassembling hybrids, Plug-ins and EVs. We will be scoping, scanning, real world fixes, diagnosis and a lot more. We have a training classroom on wheels at ACDC plus HEVs / PHEVs and EVs at class. BOLT... Leaf and a VOLT plus many hybrids so the hands-on never ends. Reviewers can attend for 1/2 price. 8 seats only.
When: Sat March 30 8:00 PM - Sat April 6 3:00 PM

Hybrid and EV training in Toronto, Canada

Automotive Industries Association of Canada has hired ACDC to be part of an EV training event at a new EV center on Toronto. More to follow. Save the date. April 10. The Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre
1126 Finch Avenue West [Unit 1] | North York, ON

When: Wed April 10 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Where: Toronto Area, Canada

NYC International Auto Show ... New York City

Craig and Deb will be making our annual trip to the Big Apple. In the area? Lets have dinner. We both write for Auto, Inc and so we cover this show to keep up with the latest HEV / EV news.
When: Wed April 17 8:15 AM - Thu April 18 11:15 PM
Where: New York City, NY

Live Webnar .. 2019 Update HVEC Class ... 1.5 to 2 hours .. $150.00

This class is our annual A/C and heating update on the latest A/C issues concerning HEV and EVs. Heat Pump and Inverters explained. What is new with R1234yf and HV compressor oil. You will know a lot more when you log off. Live on the Internet. Interactive with PDF workbook.
8:30 pm EST to 10:00 .... 5:30 pm West Coast
When: Wed May 1 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Where: The Internet

Up Your Voltage! #55 ... 7 seats left out of 10

Price $5,000 7 days of advanced EV / hybrid hands-on training. Fly into Worcester, Mass. the day before and meet and greet. Class is 7 days long with hands-on every day. Theory is done online before class starts. We have 13 different hybrids/ EVs. You will scope, scan, drive and learn real world fixes, diagnostics and a lot more. Our training facility is set up just for this. VOLT, LEAF, BOLT plus Toyotas, Fords and Honda hybrids. Reviewers can attend for 1/2 $. Two Instructors, Isaac and Craig
When: Sun May 5 8:00 AM - Sat May 11 5:00 PM
Where: Worcester, Mass

Private Class for Lethbridge College

Craig will be heading to Lethbridge, Alberta Canada to hold a train-the-trainer. Three days. Hybrids and EVs.
When: Tue May 21 6:00 PM - Thu May 23 9:45 PM
Where: Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

NACAT Conference 2018 ... Bronze Sponsor

Once again ACDC is helping the schools in North America with free training and a great time, good food and people that know why we do what we do. We will be there in force. Updated hybrid / EV class. Find us in Canada.
When: Mon July 15 7:00 AM - Fri July 19 6:00 PM
Where: Calgary, Canada


IGO-NC is committed to improving the automotive service industry through image building and ongoing training. ACDC is going south again to North Carolina to help the state association get their shops ready for the future with hybrid training.
When: Fri September 27 8:30 AM - Sat September 28 5:30 PM
Where: Cary, NC

EV technolgy and HEVs taught in the Netherlands

Many colleges in Holland will have Craig Van Batenburg as a speaker for a week. Invitation only. Classes will be in English and Dutch. Save the date.
When: Mon October 7 10:00 AM - Wed September 11 4:00 PM
Where: the Netherlands (Holland)

Electric Drive Training.. 5 days..Hands-on in Wilmington, North Carolina

This class is a 5 day class for teachers and techs. $4,000. This class is held in Wilmington, NC at the ACDC southern location. We will have many hybrids at class, many HEV and EV parts, plus scan tools and some great equipment. The facility is modern shop with a dedicated training room above. Limited to 10 people. A lot is included such as Webinar HEV 101, EV 101, OEM 101, ACDCs two books, hotel, meals. This can get your Master Level Hybrid Certificate (conditions apply). Call ACDC to sign up at 508 826 4546.
When: Wed October 23 8:30 AM - Sun October 27 5:30 PM

AAPEX / SEMA / ACDC annual Party in Las Vegas Nov 6 Wednesday

Craig and Deb will be at a few booths again to help explain the "why" in terms of products and equipment needed for HEV/ PHEV/ EV and more. Ask us for an invite to our Wednesday Night Party.
When: Tue November 5 8:30 AM - Fri November 8 8:30 PM
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada