Class Schedule

ACDCs New Training Center OPENS!!!

Private Class in MidWest for Major OEM

Did you know that many OEMs have used ACDC to compare what they are doing to others in the manufacturing and design of EMVs.
When: Sat November 18 8:15 AM - Thu November 30 4:15 PM
Where: MidWest

Electric Drive Training.. 5 days..Hands-on ... Monday to Friday ... Only 8 seats

This class is a 5 day class for teachers and techs. This class is held in ACDC's home town at our training center. Our complete fleet of hybrid and EV cars, all our equipment and our facilities will be open to you. Everyone will have their own Hybrid or EV for the week to drive. Limited to 8 people. $3,900 will include 5 nights lodging / all meals/ use car Hybrid-EV, 4 gig jump drive, both ACDC's color books, recorded Webinar HEV 101, EV 101, OEM 101. This can get you our Advanced Level Hybrid Certificate (conditions apply)

When: Mon December 4 8:30 AM - Fri December 8 6:00 PM

ASE L3 Prep Class $200 two nights live Web Class Add $75 for color book

Buy our L3 Prep Book or not. ASE added EVSE questions. Not sure what an EVSE is? Better take this class. This live Webinar is two nights. Live Q and A. Must have A6 and A8 to take L3 test but not to take this class.
When: Wed December 6 8:00 PM - Thu December 7 9:00 PM
Where: On-line. Time is East Coast USA (EST) 5pm West Coast.

Lithium / NiMH Batteries. The future. What do you know? $2,900 includes almost everything.

Craig Van Batenburg, CEO of ACDC, has had many questions about Li-ion / NiMH batteries. Who is rebuilding, what is the battery construction and how do I get to the bottom of what is going on? In the process you will learn how to do this yourself, if you so desire. Because of limited space sign up soon. 8 seats only.
When: Mon December 11 8:30 AM - Wed December 13 5:00 PM
Where: ACDC Training Center .. Worcester, Massachusetts

Private Class at High End Euro Shop in NC

As more cars are electrified more shops seek out training for their techs. ACDC is proud to be able to assist. We will come to you.
When: Sat December 16 8:30 AM - Sun December 17 5:30 PM
Where: North Carolina, USA

HEV- EV-PHEV High Voltage Train-the-Trainer .. Private Class at a College in GA

Many Auto Tech Colleges in GA will be getting 2 days of hands-on training so they are ready for the students of the future.
When: Tue December 19 8:30 AM - Wed December 20 6:30 PM
Where: Central George, USA

3 days .. HEV- EV-PHEV Train-the-Trainer $900 Kilgore, Texas

If you teach at an Automotive Technical High School or College this training is for you. We will do a deep dive into 6 areas. EV charging and long range batteries. Regen braking and HV Motors. HVAC and Heat pumps. Telsa and Bolt. You will get a jump drive and notebook. Must bring HV Gloves (or buy from ACDC). Call / Email for details or request more info.

When: Thu January 4 2018 9:00 AM - Sat January 6 6:00 PM
Where: Kilgore Technical College Kilgore, Texas

Hybrid / EV / Basic Electrical Classes at TIVA

TIVA conference is for Texas High School Auto Teachers. ACDC is driving in our Highlander HEV loaded with training aids and parts. Let your fellow teachers in Texas know.
When: Wed January 10 2018 8:45 AM - Sat January 13 8:45 PM
Where: Montgomery, Texas

Washington DC Auto Show

Deb and I will be covering this event to find out what changes are in store for EVs, not only technical but also governmental changes.
When: Tue January 23 2018 10:45 AM - Thu January 25 5:45 PM
Where: Washington D.C.

3 phase Electric Motors and Inverter Class 3 days in Worcester $2,900

Craig Van Batenburg will be in teaching a 3 day class to dig deep into 3 phase electric motors used in Hybrid and EVs. The inverter controls these motors so that will be included. Some theory but mostly a shop experience. The fee includes pick up and drop off at airport in RI, use of hybrid, meals, hotel and class info on jump drive. Limited to 8 students.
When: Tue January 30 2018 8:30 AM - Thu February 1 5:30 PM

Electric Drive Training.. 5 days..Hands-on ... Monday to Friday ... Only 20 seats

This class is a 5 day class for teachers and techs. $3,900. This class is held in Wilmington, NC in the winter so that the winter storms in Mass can snow and we have a warmer place. We will have many hybrids at class, plus scan tools and some great equipment. The facility is modern shop with a dedicated training room above. Limited to 20 people. A lot is included such as Webinar HEV 101, EV 101, OEM 101, books, hotel, meals. This can get you our Advanced Level Hybrid Certificate (conditions apply)
When: Thu February 8 2018 8:30 AM - Mon February 12 5:30 PM
Where: Mobile Tech Wilmington, NC

NYC International Auto Show ... New York City

Craig and Deb will be making our annual trip to the Big Apple. In the area? Lets have dinner. We both write for Auto, Inc and so we cover this show to keep up with the latest HEV / EV news.
When: Wed March 28 2018 8:15 AM - Thu March 29 11:15 PM
Where: New York City, NY

Up Your Voltage! 49 April 28 - May 5, 2018 8 Seats Only 3 taken so far

Price $4,900 7 days of advanced EV / hybrid hands-on training. Fly into Providence, R.I. the day before and meet and greet. Class is 7 days long with hands-on every day. Theory is done online before class starts. We have 12 different hybrids/ EVs. You will scope, scan, drive and learn real world fixes, diagnostics and a lot more. Our training facility is set up just for this. VOLT. LEAF, BOLT plus Toyotas, Fords and Honda. Reviewers can attend for 1/2 $.
When: Sat April 28 2018 8:00 AM - Sat May 5 5:00 PM
Where: Worcester, Mass

NACAT Conference 2018 ... Bronze Sponsor

Once again ACDC is helping the schools in North America with free training and a great time, good food and people that know why we do what we do. We will be there in force. Updated hybrid / EV class. Find us in Williamsport, PA,
When: Mon July 16 2018 7:00 AM - Thu July 19 6:00 PM
Where: PA

Automechnika NACE Atlanta GA

ACDC will be in Atlanta at Automechnika. ACDC will be there teaching hybrid classes. Hope to see our friends. More Info to come. ASA is one of the ACDC sponsors.
When: Wed August 8 2018 8:30 AM - Fri August 10 6:30 PM
Where: Atlanta, GA

Automechanika Frankfurt

Craig spoke here in 2012 and Automechnika in Chicago last year. The topic was "The American Story of HEV and EV". ACDC will be back visiting the show. We will be attending classes and visiting our customers.
When: Tue September 11 2018 9:00 AM - Sat September 15 6:00 PM
Where: Frankfurt, Germany