Bio of Craig and History of ACDC and VBG

Who is ACDC?

We are an automotive training company that specializes in HYBRID and ELECTRIC VEHICLE training for the aftermarket.

History of ACDC

Craig started the Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) in 1998 while he was running his repair shop across the street. Originally ACDC was at 19 Wells Street in Worcester, Mass and State Emission classes were held there as well as many other technical and management courses. Craig and many other local trainers taught there and it grew quickly. In 2004 Craig closed the ACDC training center building and his shop across the street as Hybrid technology had found its place and he was off and running around the globe enlightening those that needed a hybrid education. Today Craig uses two local shop, Bravo Motors and Wayside Automotive, for classes near home. 95% of ACDC training is held out of state. The offices were located at 40 Boyd Street, upstairs in his old New England inner city home until summer of 2013.  ACDC bought an old fashioned  “3 Decker” built in 1905  and moved the office there. It is easy to spot, look for lots of hybrids and EVs in the driveway! Craig walks to work as it is 10 houses away. The new office has more space and room for all the hybrids, parts and associated training materials. Deb likes the fact that old battery packs no longer grace the living room.

40 Boyd Street Worcester, Massachusetts USA

40 Boyd Street Worcester, Massachusetts USA

History of Craig Van Batenburg

Craig’s Father, Ray Van Batenburg ran a used car lot, repair shop and body shop in Ogden, Utah where young Craig grew up. In 1963 Craig moved to Worcester, Massachusetts where he still lives. Starting as a tech at age 17 (during high school) Craig has made his living in the auto repair business (a few early years were spent in the motorcycle end of things). After 10 years working at the nearby Honda, Datsun, Toyota dealerships Craig opened Van Batenburg’s Garage, Inc (VBG) on December 20th, 1977. In 1993 Craig and Deb, co owners of VBG helped found ASA Massachusetts (later to include R.I.) and they volunteered on a national level. In 1998 ACDC was established. Craig has taught over 15,000 students in his career.

Craig is an Accredited Master Automotive Manager, AMAM, with AMI, hold a Master Certification with Master ASE, L1 and L3 certified. His full time efforts are devoted to training, consulting, technical and management writing and class development. He is a contributing editor for Auto, Inc., Automotive A/C Reporter (in Europe), TaT in Australia and many other journals. Besides Hybrid and Electric Car Education, Craig teaches a wide variety of technical and management classes for trade associations and other industry partners around the world.

Short Bio of ACDC and Craig for the Media

Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO of ACDC and a former repair shop owner.  He is engaged full time in the understanding of the technology used in hybrid and electric cars. His decades of automotive experience serves him well. Driving a Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt when he can and a Chevy Volt for longer trips these days, he also owns and drives HEVs from Ford, Honda and Toyota as well a Nissan and GM. With great passion, a keen wit and more experience that most, Craig can help you understand not only how but why these new electrified cars operate the way they do.  Craig is in demand worldwide and travels often to help those seeking a simple explanation of a complicated subject. He can be reached at Craig@  More info at


History of Van Batenburg’s Garage, Inc. – VBG (1977-2004)

On December 20, 1977 VBG has opened with 450 dollars, a tool box and a dream. Craig had just turned 27. He stressed people and their relationships, high-tech thinking and taking a pro-active role in improving his service facility and this industry. He was also very green way back then. Craig was a hands-on technician / shop owner. Some of the strength of VBG’s work centered on the fact that they specialized on two makes, Honda and Toyota and Craig drove what he preached. In 1999 VBG purchased one of the first hybrids sold in the country, a 2000 Insight. Ser # 000157. That car is still used today and has over 110K miles. As a technician / shop owner Craig received many awards and was awarded the Mass Audubon 1999 Environmental Award. Craig and Deb were very proud of VBG. The shop was closed February 16, 2004 after two years of trying to sell it.  Craig still owns the building and rents a portion while ACDC uses the shop for research and Hands-on classes. The new training center opened for business at the old location October 20, 2014


Some Customers of ACDC

  • San Francisco Community College
  • Ivy Tech (Indiana)
  • Job Corps
  • ASA National
  • ASA Washington
  • ASA Arizona
  • ASA Nebraska
  • ASC (California)
  • Delphi
  • Honda R&D (Raymond, Ohio)
  • Honda Manufacturing of America
  • John Deere
  • Midtronics
  • Magid Glove and Safety
  • Identifix
  • Porsche of America
  • MotorAge
  • BG Products
  • Bendix Brakes
  • MGA Research
  • Calsonic / Kensai (Division of Nissan)
  • Automechanika Canada
  • Automechanika Chicago
  • Automechanika Frankfurt Germany
  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Verifax
  • APRA Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association
  • ABRN
  • NACE
  • CARS
  • Linder Technical Services
  • TaT (Australia)
  • Canadian Technician
  • AARO (Canada)
  • LTS North (Canada)
  • MACS
  • Orange County NC Fleet
  • Orange County CA Sheriffs Department
  • Plainfield MA Fire Department
  • Florida Auto Industry Association
  • MECA (Auto Parts company in Sweden)
  • European Auto A/C Conference
  • Koning Willem I College (Holland)
  • Many more shops, colleges, fleets, etc that are not listed


Some of the cars Craig owed during his career;

1957 Chevy 2 door sedan

1961 Ford Falcon 3 speed

1959 VW Westfalia Camping Box (old hippy bus)

1961 Lloyd Borgward

1966 VW Bug

1971 AZ-600 Honda

1971 AN-600 Honda

1972 Toyota Hi-Lux

1974 Civic 1200 4 speed

1975 Civic CVCC 5 speed

1974 Mazda RX5 Pick-up (Wankle engine)

1976 Chevy LUV Pick-up

1981 Accord LX 5 Speed

1983 Honda Prelude

1984 Honda Prelude

1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

1986 Acura Legend

1987 Mazda B2000 Pick-up

1990 Acura Integra (Deb’s Car.. required after we got married)

Presently ACDC owns and the staff drives:

2000 Insight

2001 Prius

2003 Civic Hybrid

2005 Civic Hybrid

2006 Civic Hybrid

2005 Accord Hybrid

2004 Prius

2006 Ford Escape Hybrid

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

2007 Camry Hybrid

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD

2010 Prius

2011 Chevy Volt

2017 Chevy Bolt EV

2011 Nissan Leaf

2006 Toyota Tacoma

plus 6 motorcycles (2 are electric)

Craig is restoring


1965 Honda S-600

Needless to say “Craig is a Motor Head”



Last Edited  1/7/19