Basic Electrical with a Twist … Hands-on

Hands-on Electrical Class is a two night class. Call to enroll at 508 400 4656.

100_1448ACDC has built a great training center in Worcester. We will conduct a 12 volt class that is great for anyone that finds electricity hard to handle. What seems overwhelming is made easy. Make sense of wiring diagrams, meters, scopes and more. There are three parts to this class … Army Man I – II – III. This Class was created by Craig Van Batenburg and is as Unique as Craig is. If you have ever has trouble understanding the 3 parts of electrical energy (Volts, Amps, Resistance) this is your class. In the most simplistic way Craig will explain how to diagnose any electrical problem.  A few hours will make a huge difference in your “on the job” ability to fix electrical problems.

“Electrical Analysis for the Confused” Make sure you know the basics in regards to Volts. Amps and Resistance. This very easy to understand Electrical Training (known as the Army Man class to many). OHM’s Law … a new model.  Ohms law is a mathematical formula that helps us understand the relationship between Volts, Ohms and Amps. Many have learned this but forget it quickly. Seems as if there was no real application when it comes to fixing cars. Knowing Ohms law helps a lot! ACDC has a new model that will stick and will help you fix cars better. Enter the “ARMY MEN”.

Army Man I … DC electricity and simple problems

Army Man II … AC electricity and three phase systems

Army Man III … sensors, CAN bus and processors 

Bring your own meter or use ours (we also sell them).