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This L3 Prep book was written by Craig Van Batenburg over a six month period and updated after the L3 test came out. It has had great reviews. If you own our ACDC “Understanding Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service and Technology and Service” (written for seasoned techs), this new book was written for the student or new tech in mind. It is priced less (90 pages vs. 360) and every word is new, except our “Service Mode” section. Every illustration was done in-house and every picture was taken by ACDC. This is the book that should be read and understood before you read anything else. This book was new in September of 2014 and is updated periodically, as is all our materials. The book is simple, easy to understand and has been peer reviewed. Some innovative “Block Diagrams” were created that outline the 12 completely different layouts used today in the EMVs (ACDCs term for HEV, PHEV, EV, EV-RE) seen in repair shops across the world. New test questions were created that move across all OEM systems. Sold only in “Full Color”, a power point can be ordered to align with the book, but you are allowed to change the power point as you see fit. This book will also help in passing the ASE L3 test coming next year. ACDC is proud of the work we do but are always open to your suggestions.

You can buy the book by itself, a recorded  L3 Prep Webinar or Both. 

What the ROBERT KENNEY wrote:

I just took my L3 test Sunday AM. It too took me about two hours. Thanks for all the training to prep for the test.

I too think for the most part it was an extremely well written test. There are a few questions that were questionable in nature as to what the correct answer should be. I put on my ase hat and answered those the way I felt ase wanted them answered. I would say 98% of the questions were very well written. I have never taken a pilot test before and it was quite interesting.

I do not believe someone could pass this test without having extensive knowledge of the design,diagnosis and proper operation of a hybrid vehicle. I think you could train yourself with several classes and still not be prepared for the test without having hands on knowledge.

I guess my only complaint would be not at least getting some score. I understand some of the questions were trial in nature but I would at least like to have known an average of my correct answers. It is going to be a really long wait until summer!

Again thanks for all the training and preparation you offer for this test and to properly repair hybrids and evs.

Robert Kenney
Gils Garage inc.

One more Review

Wow, the book is amazing, the recorded video is awesome.
Thanks so much for putting this together.

In the video, you mention sending lots of different info my email. Could you send me that info.
Specifically the Toyota inverter movie.

Also, I would like to purchase another movie, still have to decide which (the $900 complete pack is tempting, but out of the budget to start into hybrids at this point), the OTC meter with insulation tester, and make a donation to the faat cats.
My test is next Saturday, so Ideally I could get the video key early in the week to watch it.


Also, I have a question about inverter controls with the IGBT and diodes.

Pricing is as follows.
Single copy is $125 plus S/H (Includes Webinar)
10 to 24 are $75 each
25 and up $65 per copy

Special Bundle for Schools

  1. 10 color copies of the new book. Retail is $1,000 plus S/H
  2. One copy of Power Point.  Retail is $250 plus S/H
  3. One Color copy 2013  “Understanding Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service and Technology and Service” 360 pages use as the Teachers Guide. Retail $250 plus S/H
  4. Unlimited use of all our recorded webinars for one school year, with permission to give the codes to students. Retail is $1,000.00
  5. Total is $2,500 plus S/H.  Special Pricing for schools $1,700.00 FREE S/H to 48 states.

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