Hybrid Service Center Qualification Program

ACDC's  Qualified Hybrid Service Center Program (QSP)

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

ACDC has had a program since 2006. That is when the market place asked for one.

Do you want to be known as a Qualified Hybrid Repair Center? This program is very simple. No contract or red tape.

  1. Do you know how to fix a hybrid or EV?
  2. Have you trained with us?
  3. Do you need a good hybrid/ EV reference books/ charts?
  4. What equipment do I need? Where cab I get it?
  5. Would Tech Support help you?
  6. What about on going training? How do I keep up
  7. Can you use more HEV/ PHEV / EV customers?


What do our QSP owners have to say about ACDC?

Hi Craig,
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the webinar. I took your mention of naming your business after your town and ran with it. We had a snow day yesterday (nothing compared to your's) and I registered a new domain and started building a website. Got the DBA forms filled out and ready to drop off at the courthouse today. And spent some time making a list of shops to call about getting hybrid work from. 85% of my work right now is Toyota Land Cruisers I'm hoping that if I can catch the local Prii I can go 100% Toyota and stop dealing with domestic vehicles. We got our first call from the Qualified shop listing last week as well. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the great classes and the encouraging ideas. Hope ya'll thaw out soon.
Thanks, Ryan  -- Owner and Mechanic   On the Road Again: Mobile Mechanic   www.OTRAMM.com


Received December 2016

Hi Craig,

I just wanted to share with you how our participation with the Qualified Shop Program has been going. Since signing up, our hybrid work has increased dramatically. People searching online for hybrid repair have found me easily through hybridshoplocator.com. Not only am I getting more work locally in my neck of the woods (Lawrence MA) but people are coming 20-30 miles for my specialized services. All tell me they are looking for a dealer alternative that can handle the unique service and repairs hybrids require.

Just thought I'd let you know.


Matthew J. Lamontagne   ASE Master Tech, L-1, L-3

Leo & Sons Auto Repair    157 So. Broadway St  Lawrence, MA 01843

What the technician must do be in the QSP:

Qualified Hybrid Tech = Qualified Hybrid Auto Tech ... has taken 24 hours live with ACDC and 30 hours on-line;  HEV101, EV101 and OEM specific Web training for the EMVs you service. (If you are located outside of North America we may allow a different path). Own the latest ACDC books No ASE required but encouraged.

Advanced Hybrid Tech = Advanced Hybrid Auto Tech ... ASE Certified Tech in A1, A2, A6, A8, L1 and have taken 40 hours of live ACDC classes plus everything above for a Qualified Tech.

Master Hybrid Tech = Master Hybrid Auto Tech ... ASE Certified Master with L1, L3 and have taken ACDCs 5 "Electric Drive" or 7 day hybrid class "Up Your Voltage!" plus everything above.

In order for you to be known as an ACDC Qualified Hybrid Auto Center and a Qualified, Adavnced or Master Hybrid Auto tech; ACDC will require the following:


What the Shop / Tech Must do:
1. You are / have an ACDC Hybrid Tech currently in our program.
2. Only a ACDC Hybrid Tech will service, diagnose or repair the hybrid vehicles left for service. Exceptions are hybrid repairs and service that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the vehicle is a hybrid. Note: An oil change is a hybrid service but it can be a supervise service by a Hybrid Tech.
3. Have passed the 40 Question ACDC test with 80% or higher. 20 question re-up quiz.  Quiz is on-line.
4. Own (or the shop you work at) a pair of 1000 volt, Class O, rubber protective gloves in good condition and valid within 6 months of the last glove HV Test.
5. Own a CAT III 1000 volt  DVOM, with CAT III leads and ends

6. Own a milli-ohm meter

7. Own an Insulation tester

8. Own a 4 channel Scope

9. You own or have access to a factory scanner with updated software for the hybrid vehicles you work on or a good aftermarket scanner that works well with the hybrid you are on.
10. You have internet access at your shop and subscribe to the OEM web sites for the Hybrid you work on (It is OK to subscribe as needed) and are an Identifix customer  (USA only) .
11. Your service writers have been trained by you or ACDC and will consult their Hybrid Tech as needed when hybrids are left for service.
12. You have a way of handling customers complaints that satisfies the state and city laws
13. ACDC's Tech qualification expires every two years.

What ACDC will do for you:
1. Train your staff, techs, etc. with all live ACDC webinar classes each year included at no additional cost*.
2. Send 2 Qualification Color Certificatesadvanced
3. List your shop on ACDCs consumer web site. www.hybridshoplocator.com
4. Help with solving problems of any nature as ACDC started as a repair shop.
5. Provide tech support (as time allows). We require Identifix as they train with us.
6. 5 Free webinars per year (Recorded) for you review and training. (worth $250)
7. Help market your business. Hybrid Uniform Patches ($9.00).

* space permitting. If the live class is sold out (99 seat limit) you will get a free link for the recording.

1. Cost for this Qualification program is $365 per year for one shop at one site. $50 for each additional tech at the same shop. Additional sites are $150.00 per site. (Note additional fees above). Ask for our latest pricing sheet.

2. Re-up is yearly or bi- yearly.

3. No long term contracts to sign.

Prep before you take the test here

Quizes for ACDC Qualified Shops:

Last Updated 1/21/2020