ACDC College Level EMV Text Book, Support Materials and Training

ACDC New College Level EMV Text Book

College Level EMV Book and Support Materials

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  • Full Color Spiral Bound
  • Printed in USA
  • All New Content  / Instructor Guide
  • 40 hours of Webinars included
  • Short Training Videos / Training for Teachers
  • Peer Reviewed / Student Task Sheets
  • Tech Support / On-line Testing
  • Written by Craig Van Batenburg and many others


1.      Introduction to EMVs

2.      Safety and the Environment

3.      High Voltage Electrical Systems

4.      Tools and Equipment

5.      Internal Combustion Engines

6.      Batteries  Low V, Medium V, High V

7.      Transmission / Gear Box

8.      Electric Motors

9.      Inverter/Boost Converter/Capacitor

10.  Regenerative Braking

11.  DC-DC Converter

12.  Electric Power Steering

13.  HVAC/ Heat Pump/Air Liquid Cooling

14.  Grid Charging

15.  Micro Hybrid and Start / Stop

16.  Mild Hybrid

17.  Medium Hybrid

18.  Strong Hybrid

19.  Plug-in Hybrid

20.  Electric Vehicle

21.  Electric Vehicle with Range Extender

22.  Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

23.  Diesel Light /Heavy Duty Hybrids

24.  Electric Motor Scooter / Cycle

25.  Preventive Maintenance

26.  Analyzing and Diagnosis

27.  Future Technologies

28.  Glossary

29.  Training Resources

30.  Women in the Industry

31.  About the Authors

32.  Index

Why is this is limited to 20 Colleges?  This book is not done, but it is in the final stages. 20 College or High School teachers can have a big impact on the final outcome. ACDC will hand pick 20 schools that are ready to teach advanced EMV technology and want a consistent source of information. Here is where ACDC feels the need is in 2019-2020. The EMV classes now are a combination of whatever hybrids or plug-ins you have, a text book that is old or does not agree with what you know to be true and administration that is not funding what you really need. More or less, automotive teachers we visit with and train with us have explained their situation. So, ACDC has a plan. Sell a subscription to EMV training. This price in 50% of what it will be when all of our work in done. The full spectrum of the work will be completed end of 2020. The first 20 schools will stay at 5k per year for the second year, while other schools pay $10,000 per year.  This beta pricing is for schools with 1 to 10 instructors, 10 to 80 automotive students and are public schools. Private schools can talk to Crag van Batenburg about pricing.

What does $5,000 get me?

  1. One Draft College EMV Full Color Book (Ships Summer 2020)
  2. New Draft Copies as they are completed during 2020
  3. 20 “Intro to EMVs” and EVSE supplement in Print (ships now)
  4. One Full Color Tech Book (Ships Now) and Draft updates until end of 2020
  5. All recorded Webinars and license for up to 80 Students (Ships Now)
  6. 4 seats at all live “Updated Webinars” until end of 2020 (Starts as soon as we get a PO)
  7. All related support for the ACDC College Book (ongoing through 2020)
  8. Teachers Manual, Videos, Tests, Work Sheets (ongoing through 2020)
  9. 8 per year ..Teachers only “Feedback Webinars” To be Scheduled in 2020
  10. 20 Final Full Color Copy of the “College Book” end of project
  11. or 3 Printed Copies and 57 Copies in the Cloud
  12. Pricing of the College Full Color book will be determined once the page count is done. Estimate is $300 per single copy (50% off for Beta Colleges) or $150 per copy after the initial 20 copies   –

Why should your College consider this ACDC Hybrid/ EV program? When you use one source for staying up-to-date with EMV technology and training resources, it all fits nicely together.

Call Craig about a deferred billing into Fall 2020.

More support = better classes

Your contact is Deb 508 826 4546.

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