50 Question Hybrid Qualification Exam 2017

Welcome to ACDC's 2017 Hybrid Certification Exam

You will have two hours and thirty minutes to complete the following 50 questions.

Please only take this test if you have permission from ACDC to do so.

Date: October 22, 2018

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1.) All of the following statements concerning absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are true, EXCEPT:
2.) NiMH batteries are being discussed.
Technician A says that electrolyte from a collision-damaged NiMH battery is a brown liquid.
Technician B says that the electrolyte in a NiMH battery is not a liquid but more of a paste and does not leak out when a cell is cracked.

Which technician (s) is correct?
3.) The state-of-charge is shown on a scan tool for a NiMH battery pack. Tech A says it is always an estimate and can be off by 10% or more. Tech B says that SOC on a NiMH can be calculated by knowing the voltage level and temperature.  Who is right?
4.) High voltage (HV) battery pack cooling is being discussed.
Technician A says some hybrid HV battery packs are air-cooled.
Technician B says that some hybrid vehicles use another zone in the A/C system to cool the HV battery pack. Which technician(s) is correct?
5.) Scan tool data indicates that a hybrid vehicle’s HV battery pack has been overheating.  The LEAST LIKELY cause is:
6.) High-voltage battery packs used in HEV are being discussed.
Technician A says that a high-voltage battery pack is made up of many individual cells connected in parallel.
Technician B says that if one of the battery’s cells developed an open circuit, the battery would have zero output.
7.) The HV battery has been disconnected in a hybrid vehicle, but there is still high voltage being measured on the orange power cables at the dc side of the inverter.  The MOST LIKELY cause would be:
8.) High voltage may be used in all of the following components of a hybrid vehicle, EXCEPT:
9.) Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems used in today’s EMVs are always electric- over-hydraulic, and use a special non-conductive power steering fluid.
10.) Technician A says that high-voltage linesman gloves should be leak-tested by inflating to them to 10 psi with compressed air. Technician B says that OSHA in the USA requires that these gloves be tested and certified every six months.
Which technician (s) is correct?
11.) All of the following are approved safety guidelines regarding high voltage rubber linesman’s gloves, EXCEPT:
12.) Because of the effectiveness of the regenerative braking systems on EMVs, the mechanical braking systems are hardly used, which causes the rotors and calipers to corrode. For this reason, all brake components on EMVs are made from stainless steel.
13.) A Ford Escape, M/Y 2006 is in for service. It has been one year since it was purchased used.  It has 155,000 miles. Lots of city miles. What should you service?  Check all that apply.
14.) An Insight I (2000 – 2006) customer has a problem with the HV battery indicator dropping to zero overnight once or twice a year. What is the most likely problem?
15.) A Classic Prius (01-03) had the recall done on the HV battery pack. Shortly afterwards the MIL lamp sets with a code for internal HV short to ground. What is the most likely problem?
16.) A 2006 Accord hybrid will not go into Idle stop.  Check all that apply.
17.) A 2010 Insight has a low HV battery SOC. What method(s) do we have to recharge the HV battery?  Check all that apply.
18.) A technician sees visual damage on an orange cable to the insulation. What should the technician do next?

Technician A says “If there is a problem the Hybrid ECM will detect it and shut it down before we have any problems”
Technician B says “Replace the cable first and then proceed. Why take chances?”
19.) A 2003 Civic Hybrid 5 speed standard shift has a slipping clutch and needs a clutch and rear main seal. The technician says he will need a special tool. Is this true or false?
20.) HEV hydraulic braking systems are being discussed. Technician A says that these systems are completely
different from those used in conventional vehicles, in that they all use High-Voltage pumps to increase efficiency, and require a specially formulated brake fluid that is non-conductive. Technician B says that the hydraulic systems used in HEVs function in much the same way as the ABS systems found on conventional vehicles, and provide ABS, Stability, and Traction Control functions.

Which technician (s) is correct?
21.) A 2005 Civic Hybrid comes in with a shudder at low speed (CVT transmission) when first starting off after it has warmed up. What is the most likely problem?
22.) A 2005 Accord hybrid needs to have the service switch moved to “off” before a hybrid service procedure is done. Where is the switch located?
23.) How many volts does the 2006 Civic Hybrid operate on?
24.) How many inverters (HV Motor Controllers) do a 2006 RX400h 4WD have on board.
25.) What OEM’s use HV in their A/C compressors?  Check all that apply.
26.) Some A/C systems in hybrid use C02 instead of R134a.
27.) What is the minimum amount of DC volts and amps considered to be lethal?
28.) What does READY on the dash mean on a Toyota hybrid?
29.) How many volts does a good NiMH cell have?
30.) What are the reasons for having a 12 volt battery on board a Toyota / Lexus hybrid?  Check the answer(s) that apply.
31.) What OEM hybrid system uses a 12 volt starter? Check all that apply.
32.) How many volts does the GM BAS (2007 -2010) hybrid have in their NiMH battery box?
33.) HEV braking systems are being discussed. Technician A states that most HEVs use a ‘stroke simulator’ to give the driver the brake pedal feel of a conventional vehicle. Technician B states that some HEVs use a hydraulic buffer in the stroke simulator, and that its fluid must be serviced regularly to ensure proper operation.

Which technician(s) is correct?
34.) A 2005 Prius is towed into your shop and will not start. The gas gauge shows ¼ tank.  It will crank. What is the most likely cause.
35.) A 2004 Prius needs the heater core replaced.

Technician A says “Watch out for HV at the heater grid, as the Prius uses a pre heater to warm the heater core”
Technician B says “Disconnect a 12 volt pump that may re cycle hot coolant and you do not get scolded with hot water”

Which technician(s) is correct?
36.) A good hybrid technician says “Because the ICE is shutting off and on at idle; oil changes are recommended more frequently by the OEM’s”.  Is this true?
37.) What Hybrid uses an all aluminum body / chassis?
38.) The Air Bags have gone off in a Toyota hybrid.  How does this affect the Hybrid system?  Check all that apply.
39.) What is the minimum and maximum voltage levels used in the battery packs with orange cabling onto today\'s hybrids?
40.) What precaution should be used when servicing a Highlander Hybrid A/C system?
41.) If the NiMH battery electrolyte gets on your skin, what should you do?
42.) A code is set for a defective NiMH battery pack in a Civic Hybrid 2009. What is a good place to start testing to confirm the code?
43.) The inverter / transaxle coolant needs to be replaced under maintenance on a Mercury Mariner hybrid. Does this have a coolant drain bolt? Yes or no?
44.) The regenerative braking will not charge on 2005 Insight. Everything checks out OK. What may have been overlooked? Check only 1 box.
45.) An early Prius (2002) owner was in complaining of poor mpg. He lives in the Massachusetts and it is winter. The mpg is 39. Do we have a problem?
46.) A 2010 Prius is still under the hybrid warranty. It is towed in and will not start. The 12 volt battery is OK and you have a factory scanner. What SOC does the HV battery need to have enough to crank MG1?
47.) A Technician has a Ford Escape Hybrid Gen I (2005 – 2007) in the bay. A brake inspection is required. The pads need replacement. What precautions should be used?
48.) EMV high-voltage cables are being discussed. Technician A states that due to the high-voltage and current that the cables are required to carry, they are all constructed of a specially designed aluminum alloy. Technician B states that due to the high-voltage and high-current nature of the HV cables some of them have special shielding is built into the cables to prevent Electro Magnetic Interference from effecting the vehicle’s computer systems.

Which technician(s) is correct?
49.) What gas below can a hybrid reduce more of than a “gas only” engine of equal performance can?
50.) A customer wants you to check out a used hybrid. Their main concern is the HV battery condition. What can you test to help them out?