5 Day Class “Electric Drive” in Wilmington, North Carolina

We have added a satellite location on the East Coast where the same quality ACDC HEV training is available.  David Friend owns Mobile Tech, a modern auto repair shop with two locations in town. ACDC has been fortunate enough to use the larger shop since 2015. The former Domino Pizza franchise owners corporate headquarters, it is a large building with a dedicated training room on a second floor. The 12 bays were for the previous owners Mustang collection. David bought it for his second location and also to have a place for training. David and Isaac Rodell have been friends for years and when ACDC met both at a regional event the idea of hybrid training was born. Isaac, was a shop owner in NC when Craig met him and he impressed ACDC with his knowledge of HEVs and his attitude. Isaac has been with ACDC since early 2018. Issac and David are your trainers, along with Craig van Batenburg, at this location. All the benefits of ACDC training is available here Isaac lives a couple hours away and when not working for ACDC, helps David at his shop diagnosing the weird and wonderful. Mobile Tech as an ACDC HEV/ EV qualified shop and works on HEV and EVs every day. 

Cost:  $4,000 Includes meals, all handouts on an 4 gig jump drive, both ACDC EMV books in color, 5 night at a hotel, over 30 hours of pre-training on the web, pick up and delivery at Wilmington Airport.

This class is based on today’s technology and teaching methods. What any tech is missing in their training and skill set will be answered.

David Friend, ACDC and Isaac Rodell have these cars. In some classes the fleet may vary.  Most popular HEVs are Gen I, II, III Prius, Civic I, Insight, and more.  This location has lots of parts to work with, scan tools, and scopes. Limited to 10 people.

Travel day is getting to your Hotel and getting ready for class in the morning. One of the ACDC staff with pick you up at the airport in Wilmington, NC.

For Techs .. you will have time to scope and scan all these cars and get to feel comfortable around high voltage systems

For Auto Instructors you will have time every day from 3 to 5 to work on projects.

Everyone will have study to do on-line before class. It is required. We will explain more when you sign up.

First Day  8:30 5pm Meet at the Mobile Tech for classroom and some hands on work. We will cover “What Makes a Hybrid different from a conventional car?  An Overview.  Safety, Service, Equipment needed and Maintenance Issues”

Day 2   8:30 to 5    “HV Battery Systems.. NiMH and Li-ion.  Electric Power Steering, DC-DC Converter operations”.

Day 3   8:30 to 5    “3 Phase Motors. Motor / Generator Controls, the Inverter. Regenerative Braking”

Day 4   8:30 to 5   are in the Shop as it is the weekend.   “High Voltage Air Conditioning systems, Heating, Other cooling systems. Scanning and driving the EMVs all day. 

Day 5   8:30 to 5    Tech Tips and More training and then leave to catch a flight or train home.

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Limited to 10 people.  We keep it small enough to have time for everyone. 

We accept AMX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and a check 30 days ahead of time.

Location:  5929 Market Street, Wilmington, North Carolina    USA


Updated 09/29/19