3 Day Hands-On Prius I-II-III-IV V, C, Plug-in, Prime (plus Highlander and Camry)

Held at the ACDC Training Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

ACDC Training Center

ACDC Training Center

What you will learn: We have Gen I Prius, a Gen II Prius and a Gen III Prius, plus a Camry and Highlander. All running and registered for the road. The class will be in a training center complete with lift, tools, etc.  The center has a classroom as well but 80% of your time will be spent working on the Toyota Hybrids we have. Bring your scanner, lap top, scope and HV safety gloves (you can buy them from us if needed).  If your safety certification for your gloves has expired, get them tested before the class. (Due every 6 months). If you are signing up late we sell glove and provide testing.


We will cover:

• Toyota Hybrid Systems  – Inverter  – DC-DC Converter – Electric Power Steering 

o We can also teach Toyota and Lexus HEV (if requested). Prius is the focus.
o There is 12 hours of Pre-study optional (included in price). This will cover High voltage safety and more.
o Safety equipment will be shown and used.
o Special Equipment and tools will be shown and used
o Scan tools for Toyota Prius will be explained and used
o Many Prius hybrid parts will be disassembled and discussed
o After this class you will be able to do:
 Preventive maintenance
 A safety shut down
 Proper towing – Jump Starting
 Inverter – DC-DC Converter – EPS diagnosis and repair
 Use the Toyota Scan tool and
 Test a High Voltage battery with special equipment and much more

Introduction to Prius Power Split Device – CVT Technology (Hybrid Transmissions)

• You Will Learn:
o Planetary Gear Set Basics
o Service and Maintenance
o After this Class you will be able to do:
 Fluid Changes
 Coolant Flush of CVT
 Remove and Replace CVT
 Test Stators of Electric Motors
Introduction to Hybrid Regenerative Braking and Inverter Control

• You Will Learn:
o ABS systems as used in a Prius
o Regenerative Brakes and why they are used
o Safety issues
o Service and Maintenance
o After this Class you will be able to do:
 Brake Fluid Changes
 Brake work
 Remove and replace brake components
 Safety issues with brakes on hybrids

Hybrid Battery, Starting and Charging – The Reconditioning Process

• You Will Learn:
o Construction of Toyota hybrid battery packs
o What is a module, cell,  a V block
o Safety issues with all systems
o Charging systems off the grid. Plug-in cars  (Plus-in  Prius included)
o Overview of all systems
o Service and Maintenance
o After this Class you will be able to do:
 Remove and replace a high voltage battery safely
 Diagnose a defective cell
 Remove and replace HV contactors
 Diagnose a no-start hybrid

Prius Preventive Maintenance
• You Will Learn:
o Why is there antifreeze in my transmission
o Safety issues with all systems you will service
o Hybrid A/C issues
o How a small mistake on an oil change can cause a no start
o Maintenance
o After this Class you will be able to do:
 Remove and replace all fluids
 Service issues with wrong fluids used
 Air filters for high voltage battery packs  (Yes in a Lexus)
 Wrong tires equal poor fuel economy
 Do’s and Don’ts

Prerequisites:  This is an advanced Class. Very little theory is taught, so you are required to take HEV101 Class first (on-line) so you can stay up with us, unless Craig knows that you do not need it. Included in fee.

Where is it held: 24 Wells Street, Worcester, MA 01604

How do I get there: You will need get yourself to Worcester or Providence, RI. We will assist you with the logistics, bus, train, rental car. Call Deb for help.

Who Should Attend: Those that work on Prius (or any Toyota / Lexus HEV).

Where do I stay: We will arrange the hotel (3 nights) and get you back and forth from Providence, RI (TF Green Airport) and all meals. Call Deb to make arrangements before you buy your tickets. Worcester has good bus and train service. If you Fly into Boston (Logan Airport) you must find your own way to Worcester. There is good light rail from Boston to Worcester.

USA HEV TOUR REV E MAILHotel:  LaQuinta in Auburn, MA,.

Meals: included.

Cost: $2,900 includes: Hotel, Class, all meals, 4 gig of info on jump drive, ground transportation in Worcester. Optional is 350 page color manual ($200), 12 hour of pre-study is included (worth over $500).

Call for a price if you are Local as you will not need the Hotel.

How do I sign up:  Call 508 826 4546 or Email Deb at Deb@ We take most Credit Cards.


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